Schauer Renews Call for Full Transparency on Secretive NERD Fund Donors

September 24, 2013

Snyder’s secretive fund paying for Detroit EM’s luxury hotel suite, travel expenses

LANSING – Today Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mark Schauer renewed his call for full transparency from Gov. Rick Snyder’s secretive NERD Fund. Yesterday the Detroit Free Press reported that the NERD Fund is paying $4,200 per month for Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr’s luxury hotel suite, and an as-yet-unknown amount for Mr. Orr’s travel expenses. Schauer first called for transparency in Orr’s spending in July.

“Michigan taxpayers deserve a full and accurate accounting of Mr. Orr’s compensation, including travel, lodging, and security spending,” said Schauer. “More importantly, taxpayers deserve to know which individuals and special interests are trying to curry favor with Mr. Orr during during the bankruptcy process by donating to Gov. Snyder’s secretive NERD Fund. At a time when retired police officers and firefighters are facing deep pension cuts, Mr. Orr should lead by example by paying for his own travel and lodging – and he shouldn’t have his luxurious expenses covered by special interests when he’s picking the winners and losers in the bankruptcy process.”

Yesterday’s report from the Free Press indicates that Mr. Orr has changed his explanation about who is paying for his luxurious hotel and travel expenses.

When asked how his lodging was being covered during an interview with WXYZ last month, Mr. Orr said, “Um, I don’t know. I know I pay my own room service, but I don’t really – the state, I presume covers it. I don’t know. I don’t see bills, and I haven’t seen a lease.”

When Orr was asked if he knew whether or not the NERD Fund was paying for his lodging, he said, “I do not… I pay my own travel.”

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